Fengco are proud sponsors to the winners of the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge!

Fengco gratulates the winners of the Grand Cooperative Drivin Challenge 2016! The winning team is from Halmstad University, and Fengco was sponsoring the team.

Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) is a competition for university students from Europe and it took place in the Netherlands in May 2016. The competition consists of different challanges, the teams have developed vehicles with autonomous functions that are evaluated in different traffic situations.

On the trunk of the winning car you can see the MicroAutoBoxII that Fengco contributed with.


In each conversation with the team we have felt the winners instinct of the team, so it is not by chance that Halmstad University stod as winners in the competition.

Wojciech Mostowski, the project leader at Halmstad University writes about the soonsorship and support from Fengco:

“The sponsorship and support of Fengco was indispensable in our competition efforts, we are especially grateful for the MicroAutoBox training our team members received at the beginning of our project.”

Click here if you want to read more at GCDC:s homepage.