Model Compare

Model Compare is a tool used for comparing two models. This can be usefulĀ when looking for changes between versions of models. The tools work with models from SimulinkĀ®/Stateflow and also TargetLink models which contain additional information regarding code generation. Very large models can be compared within minutes.

The identified differences from a comparison in Model Compare are visualized graphically, first in a list but also directly in the models which are shown next to each other. The comparison can be configurated to only show relevant changes and let unimportant changes, eg. changes in the layout, be ignored.

When a change is discovered in Model Compare, it can be moved between models. This is useful when many models are combined into one since it lowers the risk of a fault compared to manually changing the models. Model Compare keeps track of the most recent changes, which provides full insight when changes are transferred between models.

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