SystemDesk is a system architecture tool for modeling AUTOSAR-architectures and systems for application software. SystemDesk allows for fast planning, implementation and integration of system architecture in distributed software systems.

SystemDesk can generate virtual ECU’s based on application software, and then utilize these ECUs for testing on simulation platforms, such as the PC-based platform VEOS. This function makes it possible to verify and validate the application software before the target hardware becomes available.

The graphical interface provides an overview of the constructed system, and the preconfigured toolbars in SystemDesk makes it easy to get started. SystemDesk works well together with the code generation tool TargetLink, and data can easily be transferred between the two tools. This makes it easy to implement new functionality in the software architecture designed with SystemDesk. It also supports the import and exporting of AUTOSAR-files.

Some of the advantages of SystemDesk are:

  • Clear overview through customizable graphical layouts
  • Customizable import/export of XML-files
  • Easy generation of virtual ECUs for validation
  • Open and clear API for automation of toolchains


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