TargetLink is a software which generates production code (C-code) directly from the graphical environment in MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow. This is a valuable and useful tool within model based development since the models can be tested and verified early in development.

The code generated from TargetLink is high quality, optimized, flexible and configurable. It becomes optimized for the target processor and standards like AUTOSAR are supported. TargetLink can also generate documentation for the code.


  • TargetLink is widely used
  • Best-in-class-code – very effective, configurable and traceable
  • Powerful software for configuration with TargetLink Data Dictionary
  • Verification with the press of a button for MIL, SIL and PIL
  • Ideal for the automotive industry
  • Strong partner tools for model design, validation and verification
  • Certification for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and derivatives from these standards
  • Work-flow documents for DO-178C/DO-331 are available
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  • Model Examiner (MXAM DRIVE)
  • Model Compare
  • SystemDesk

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