Courses and Training

Fengco offers courses and seminars in model-based development (MBD) and our products so that our customers can learn how to work effectively with the tools they need. These courses can be held either directly at your company, or in Fengco’s offices in Stockholm or Goteborg. Our courses contain  presentations with slides and in the tool along with a set of hands-on exercises.

Shorter seminars are free-of-charge, and focus on providing an overview on what products and possibilities exist within model-based development thanks to dSPACE products.

Time and place for courses are determined together with the customer. The amount of participants per course can range from 1 to 10. During the course, material will be handed out in a binder, and a certificate will be provided upon completion.

Naturally, we can tailor the courses so they suit your particular operation. Contact us for further details.


Fengcos kursutbud

Course Scalexio and ConfigurationDesk

This training teaches you how a Scalexio system works and how to use ConfigurationDesk to build applications for the simulator

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Course dSPACE Real-Time Systems

Introductory course for dSPACE-based prototyping and Hardware-In-the-Loop systems. Here you will learn all the basics of RTI and ControlDesk to get you started with your system.

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Course ControlDesk Basic

This course covers the basics of ControlDesk, so you can easily visualize and record from your experiments.

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Course ControlDesk Advanced

This course covers advanced functions in ControlDesk, as well as how to automate and adjust the program to fit your needs.

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Course System Modelling

This course covers the usage of SystemDesk for modelling of system architecture and distributed software in compliance with the AUTOSAR standard.

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Course System Simulation

This course covers the usage of production code for AUTOSAR 4.x ECU during desktop simulation.

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Course TargetLink Basic

This course covers the basics of TargetLink. TargetLink generates production-level C-code directly from Simulink®/Stateflow®-modeller.

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Course TargetLink Advanced

In this course you will learn advanced functions in TargetLink, such as using Data Dictionary for model-independent data management.

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Course AutomationDesk

Increase the productivity of your testing system by learning how to easily construct automated sequences of tests with AutomationDesk

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