Participants in this course will learn how to use the built-in libraries in AutomationDesk to access HIL platforms as well as other related tools, like fault injection units, calibration and diagnostics tools, MATLAB® and ControlDesk. Additionally, the course also covers how to create custom libraries with user-defined tests and test sequences. Finally, participants will receive hands-on training to learn how to properly structure projects and implement test sequences.


  • Engineers interested in increasing productivity in an existing testing environment through automation.
  • Prerequisites: Experience with ControlDesk.


  • How to effectively configure automated tests
  • Developing generic functionality that can be recycled
  • How to develop test sequences efficiently in an offline environment
  • How to create, structure and generate reports
  • Manipulate, and record real-time signals
  • Automatic evaluation and post-processing of signals
  • Access to third-party hardware and software with AutomationDesk Libraries
  • Structuring tests with the framework libraries supplied with AutomationDesk

Tools and Systems

  • AutomationDesk
  • ControlDesk


  • Motivation for test automation
  • Introduction to AutomationDesk
  • Test execution and test results
  • Creating tests with “Sequence Builder”
  • AutomationDesks framework and test library
  • Access to dSPACE platforms (XIL API)
  • Evaluation of signals
  • Signal-based testing