ControlDesk Advanced

This course is often combined with ControlDesk Basic for a total of two days of training and education. It teaches advanced functions in ControlDesk and the basics of how to automate and adapt the program to fit your needs.


  • Users who work with control design in Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)
  • Users who work with Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation (HIL)
  • Prerequisites: The course ControlDesk Basic or Real Time Systems.


  • Managing different sets of variables in the Data Set Manager
  • Connecting ControlDesk to different types of units
  • Using Bus Manager to monitor bus activity
  • Using Signal Editor to generate signals

Tools and Systems

  • ControlDesk


  • Data Set Manager
  • Bus navigator
  • Derived variables
  • Advanced measuring and recording of data
  • Signal Editor
  • Automation
  • Calibration and diagnostics


ControlDesk is a program for that allows for online experimentation and instrumentation of real-time applications.

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Course ControlDesk Basic

This course covers the basics of ControlDesk, so you can easily visualize and record from your experiments.

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Course dSPACE Real-Time Systems

Introductory course for dSPACE-based prototyping and Hardware-In-the-Loop systems. Here you will learn all the basics of RTI and ControlDesk to get you started with your system.

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