TargetLink Advanced

TargetLink offers many advanced options for the user. One of them is the TargetLink Data Dictionary for model-independent data management.


  • System Engineers, functions- and software developers
  • Prerequisites: Experience with MATLAB®, Simulink® and TargetLink


  • Using Targetlink functions and optimizations for production code generation
  • Integrate TargetLink into an existing workflow

Tools and Systems

  • TargetLink Base Suite
  • TargetLink Data Dictionary


  • TargetLink Data Dictionary
  • Analysis of “code convergence”
  • Model variants
  • Integration of existing C-code
  • “Model Referencing”

Course TargetLink Basic

This course covers the basics of TargetLink. TargetLink generates production-level C-code directly from Simulink®/Stateflow®-modeller.

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