Fengco offers complete support for every phase of development projects, from requirements specifications and design to testing and verification.

Tools from dSPACE and MES are easy to get started with, and our competent engineers can be relied upon for assistance and consultancy with complicated or time-sensitive projects. They are specialists at dSPACE and MES products, and can ensure that you can quickly establish your own workflow and toolchain.

Complete solutions

Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we fully understand the demands placed on testing and development environments. Fengco can assist with integration and start-up of both soft- and hardware in any environment, and deliver complete solutions ready for utilization. Combined with specialized education in how to use the systems, this allows us to quickly make systems fully operational for our customers.

Software development

Fengcos software engineers are used to working with model-based functions development for production and environmental models in testing environments, and are experienced with performing tests in development projects. This allows us to support our customers with know-how through the entire testing process.

Start-up Service

Fengco helps all our customers to quickly get started with products from dSPACE and MES, and offers a half day of on-site support to new customers from one of our experienced engineers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can simplify your testing process.