Testing systems and development

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Test activities are a considerable part in the development of ECUs, and it is common to use demand-based testing where the purpose of the test cases is to demonstrate that the target system meets the specified requirements.

In an iterative development environment, the demands are continually updated with results in a need to continuously evaluate whether a given test case is still valid, if it needs to be updated or if a whole new test case is required. This process leads to dependencies between different revisions of the demands and the test cases.

For the test activities, the requirements are static in each interaction, while the implementation of the test case and the generated results can be updated. These dependencies need to be managed to maintain traceability between revisions. A test case is defined by a set of attributes, such as name, implementation, results and so on. Managing all of the dependencies and data is one of the challenges faced due to modern testing requirements.

Fengco can offer experience and expertise in every process involved in the automation of testing:

  • Test management and execution
  • Implementation of test cases
  • Development of a generic template for test cases and basic libraries
  • Defining the test process and establishing a “proof of concept” for the test automation framework

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